Jul 3, 2014

trend in summer 2014 part3

Now in Japan,off shoulder is popular.

For example.....


There are also with bustier and can wear separately.

・one-piece dress

If you are reluctant to expose your shoulder,you can also wear without expose.
So let's try!

By the way, before long, we will visit the town like "Shibuya"or"Harajuku".

If you have any request, please tell me. 

Jun 30, 2014

trend in summer 2014 part2

Hello, how do you do?
In Japan,many girls wear a setup.
For example….

 ・The setup of denim fabric

・knitting cloth

・flower pattern

Why don't you challenge the setup?

They can also use separately! Sooooo usefull!

Jun 27, 2014

Trends in summer 2014 part1

Hi,everyone! How do you do?

I will introduce Japanese spring summer trends.

What pattern do you like?

Most Japanese girls put on the items with gingham check pattern.

for example...





How about introduce them to your coordinate?

Introduce my friend

Hi everyone.How do you do?

Today I wanna introduce you my friend!

Im gonna  make this blog with her.

Hello everyone! I'm Maya.

I'm university student lived in Tokyo.

At university, majoring in fashion.

I wanna transmit information of Japanese fashion.

To make you get interested in Japanese fashion ,I'll do my best!

Have a nice day!



Jun 8, 2014

Japanese cute celebrity

Today I wanna introduce cute celebrity.


She is a singer.

She became to famace for [TERRACE HOUSE]
It is Japanese TV program that 3 men and 3 women live together with same house.
Many young people are interested in the program

This is her blog:http://ameblo.jp/chay-blog/

2.Reina triendl

She is a famous medel.
She also appear on TERRACE HOUSE as a MC

Many people interested in their fashion.

By the way, I wanna make this blog better.
If you have any demands, please tell me!

Jun 3, 2014

Japanese fashion 2013 part2

Hi, how do you do?

Let's start the continuation of last time

3.individual hear color

Mainly harajuku, a lot of people use many color.

They show thire individuality by color than style.

4.in heel boots

There have no uncomfortable feeling for who put on the high heel usual.

They can put on like short boots, looks your leg beautifu and ,long.

the source:rakuten.co.jp